I’m working on a new project. No, it’s not a knitting project, but it does involve a LOT of knitting. I’m creating a place for knitters. A place to learn to knit from scratch. A place with a guided path from learning a new knitting skill to perfecting it. A place to talk with other […]

I’ve been knitting up a bunch of Market Bags. I’m using the Ilene Bag as my base pattern. Here are my alterations if you want to make your own! Start from the top, casting on 100 stitches, then knit in garter for about 8 rows. Start the lace pattern (Row 1: Knit, Row 2: K2TOG, YO) and

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Tuesday Morning They don’t have that much yarn, but usually I can find a few skeins of Lion Brand and Paton’s at discounted prices. I’ll often find skeins of yarn I’ve never heard of before. The key here is to look at the labels, noting fiber content, yardage, and dye lots. Occasionally I find some jewels. Just the other day I found several

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I’ve knit about 15 of these market bags, it’s the Ilene Bag on Ravelry. I’ve been using Sugarwheel from Hobby Lobby; it’s a soft, colorful yarn that’s perfect for these. Then I switched yarn and lost my mind. I found Sinfonia on clearance for $1.27 and picked up 3 skeins. It’s great! Mercerized cotton, bright colors, clearly durable. It’ll be nice to

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I love Process vs Product Knitting from Knit-Purl discussing different motivations behind knitting (or really creating anything). Product knitters knit for the item itself – the final product is the motivation as it’s something they want to wear or use. Process knitters knit for the knitting itself and are less motivated by what the finished project will

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Knit a Dice Bag

Making dice bags is incredibly simple. I used this Dice Bag pattern on Ravelry as a start, and after making a few, I’ve come up with my own recipe of sorts. Knit Dice Bags CO an even number of stitches. Join in the round being careful not to twist.(I use worsted weight yarn, CO 56 stitches, and

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My nephew is obsessed with Minecraft. And for good reason – it’s an awesome game! I knew I wanted to knit him something Minecraft related for Christmas, and these Creeper Gloves just popped into my head one day. They are so simple to make! Just knit up some basic gloves, make a simple Creeper chart (or use

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Knit A Logo Hat

My fiance is from Dallas originally and is a diehard Dallas Stars fan. So when they updated their official colors and logo, I knew I had to knit him a custom Dallas Stars hat. The process of setting up your logo correctly can be a little tricky, but if you have some photo manipulation software

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