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Unexpected places I’ve found yarn (that I actually wanted to knit with)

Tuesday Morning

They don’t have that much yarn, but usually I can find a few skeins of Lion Brand and Paton’s at discounted prices. I’ll often find skeins of yarn I’ve never heard of before. The key here is to look at the labels, noting fiber content, yardage, and dye lots. Occasionally I find some jewels. Just the other day I found several hanks of a merino wool yarn in blended reds and blues. Last year I found a linen blend I’d never seen before, skeins originally $15 a piece marked down to $4. I may have bought all they had.

(Tuesday Morning actually has a pretty extensive crafting aisle, so it’s always worth a look.)

TJ Maxx

This one is much more hit-or-miss, but occasionally you’ll find yarn in the home goods aisles. Last year I found these giant balls of red-and-green and beige-and-gold cotton yarn. I think they were meant to be Christmas decor as-is, but you can’t give this girl a ball of cotton yarn and tell her not to knit with it. I’m making these mini washcloths. So far I’ve made about 16 and I haven’t made a dent in the ball yet.

Thrift stores, GoodwillSalvation Army

You’re likely to find bags of mostly Red Heart, usually halfway unraveled. But sometimes you’ll find a treasure, a little bag of Mad Tosh or maybe even a set of bamboo needles! It’s like a treasure hunt! (I’ve also found a lot of great cross stitch supplies at thrift stores, too.)

Goodwill Online

Did you know Goodwill has a website?! There’s a bit more competition now than there was a few years ago, but you can find some really cool things on there! The crafts section is always full of goodies. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay for shipping.

A few years ago I scored this lot of vintage yarn of Belastraw and Strawtex. It definitely wasn’t your everyday yarn. It felt like… well, straw. But it was pretty cool. I knit up a couple bowls (I didn’t felt them) and a Medano Bag that I still use!


There are quite a few knitting and yarn resources on Reddit: r/knititr/casualknitting, and r/yarnswap to name a few. I love these subreddits because they’re a bunch of people just like me! People there want to know what you’re working on, are happy to answer your silly questions, and are likely to share your dread about running out of a specific dyelot right before casting off a baby blanket you’ve been working on for a week. Sometimes, too, someones able to help you out!

A couple years ago I needed a specific color of Kelly Green yarn to add a duplicate stitch detail to a hat. I didn’t want to buy a whole skein of yarn for such a tiny detail, so I sent out a request on r/yarnswap. I very nice Canadian sent me some scrap yarn she had lying around, along with a couple boxes of Smartees!


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