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Knit A Logo Hat

My fiance is from Dallas originally and is a diehard Dallas Stars fan. So when they updated their official colors and logo, I knew I had to knit him a custom Dallas Stars hat.

The process of setting up your logo correctly can be a little tricky, but if you have some photo manipulation software experience (like Photoshop), you can figure it out. I also recommend learning Duplicate Stitch as opposed to trying to insartia knit the logo.

Follow along with a logo of your choice to knit your own custom logo hat!

Step 1: Choosing a Hat Pattern

The first step is to choose what hat pattern you’re going to knit for the base of your hat. I suggest using a pattern that has the following characteristics:

  • A large portion of stockinette stitch where the logo can fit.
  • A relatively small gauge so that you have lots of stitches to work with. Think about this: each pixel of your image represents one knit stitch, so you don’t want to knit up a hat in super bulky yarn (or maybe you do – whatever floats your boat).

I used the Scraptastic Hat as my base hat. The initial cast-on was 138 stitches, and my logo ended up being 34 stitches wide, making the entire logo stretch to about 1/4th of the hat.

*Obviously you could knit something other than a hat – it can be socks, a scarf, whatever.

Step 2: Choosing Your Image

I suggest choosing something with 3 or less colors. More than 3 colors and it’s going to get tricky – especially for your first time. Something with simple, thick lines is best.

The Dallas Stars Logo had 4 colors: green, black, gray, and white. I tried using it as-is, but it was just too difficult to get it to look right, so I edited the image so that it was just green, black, and gray (I later changed the gray to white because I ended up knitting the whole hat in gray).

Step 3: Pixelate Your Image

For this step, I highly suggest using Knitty’s The Smart Way to Chart. It’s what I used to pixelate my logo, with a couple of extra tweaks.

Tweak 1: Stretch your image vertically about 10-20%. Knit stitches are wider than they are tall, so you want to make your image look stretched a little bit taller than usual. Then when you knit it, it should look normal! (Otherwise it will look a little squatty.)

Teak 2: Because my image wasn’t perfectly black and white, I had quite a bit of editing to do to make it really look right. Using your Pencil Tool, choose the square shape and size it to 10 pixels. Then you can edit your image pixel-by-pixel to make it perfect.

Step 4: Knit Your Hat & Duplicate Stitch Your Logo!

Knit up your hat, then use Bella Knitting’s Duplicate Stitch Tutorial to add your logo! Duplicate stitch is super simple and it’s SO rewarding watching your logo slowly come to life.

It does take a lot of planning, but it’s completely worth it. My fiance has gotten so many compliments on his hat – and most people ask him where he bought it. They think it’s official merch! That’s the best compliment, I think. Nope, it’s not official, but it’s lovingly hand made.


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