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Striped Baby Blanket in Hurdle Stitch

During this uncertain time of staying at home and waiting, I’ve been turning to knitting even more to handle stress. When I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed or need to work something out, I turn off the computer, pop in my earbuds with a podcast or music, and pick up my knitting needles. Knitting not only helps me de-stress, it also often lets me think through things more thoroughly and within a few minutes I have better clarity about things. Knitting truly is my side hustle and my self care.

This week’s project resulted from having two yarns that look great together color-wise but were very different weights. I wanted to knit something that I could switch the yarn every row as opposed to every other row, and I didn’t want to make a hat. I ended up deciding to make a baby blanket and re-configured the Hurdle Stitch. Here’s what I came up with. I’ll update with a fully written out pattern once it’s finished.

Striped Baby Blanket in Hurdle Stitch

Check out my Ravelry Project Page for more details.

(Draft Pattern) 
CO Odd # of stitches with A (I used Size 7 Needles and casted on 61 stitches)
1) Knit across with A (Purl first and last stitch) 
2) Slide work. Purl across with B 
3) Flip work. K1, P1 with A (K last stitch) 
4) Slide work. K1, P1 with B (K last stitch) 

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