Becoming a Process Knitter

I love Process vs Product Knitting from Knit-Purl discussing different motivations behind knitting (or really creating anything). Product knitters knit for the item itself – the final

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Knit a Dice Bag

Making dice bags is incredibly simple. I used this Dice Bag pattern on Ravelry as a start, and after making a few, I’ve come up with my

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Minecraft Creeper Gloves

My nephew is obsessed with Minecraft. And for good reason – it’s an awesome game! I knew I wanted to knit him something Minecraft related for Christmas,

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Knit A Logo Hat

My fiance is from Dallas originally and is a diehard Dallas Stars fan. So when they updated their official colors and logo, I knew I

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Knitting a Beard

Jác and I attended a BYOBeard Art Show, hosted by the Pump Project Art Complex. The whole idea was to bring your own beard to the

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